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Campus Toeic – Kèm CD MP3 (Tái Bản)

Campus TOEIC is designed to be used as a textbook for a TOEIC preparation course in a college or other institutional setting. This book familiarizes students with common TOEIC contexts and question types by providing key expressions, essential grammar points, and lots of exercises and practice tests. This book lays an excellent foundation for students starting preparation for the TOEIC test.

Listening Comprehension

Lesson 01

Part 1. The man is looking at the woman.
Part 2. When does the meeting start?
Part 3. When will the delivery be sent?
Part 4. Travel
Lesson 02

Part 1. The people are talking to each other.
Part 2. Who mailed the package?
Part 3. Why will the man call Ms. Singh’s secretary?
Part 4. Recorded Message
Lesson 03

Part 1. The man is working on the vehicle.
Part 2. Where will the meeting take place?
Part 3. Who most likely are they?
Part 4. Advertisements
Lesson 04

Part 1. The musicians are performing outdoors.
Part 2. What kind of movie do you like watching?
Part 3. Where is this conversation most likely taking place?
Part 4. Company Announcements
Lesson 05

Part 1. The man is giving a lecture to the people.
Part 2. How are you getting to the airport tomorrow?
Part 3. What are they talking about?
Part 4. Announcement – Life Situations
Lesson 06

Part 1. The man and woman are standing at the counter.
Part 2. Why did you quit your job?
Part 3. How will the man most likely get to the meeting?
Part 4. News Report
Lesson 07

Part 1. The people are going for a walk in the park.
Part 2. Whose bike is this? / Which car is yours?
Part 3. What is the problem?
Part 4. Weather Reports
Lesson 08

Part 1. The people boarding the train.
Part 2. Are you going to visit the factory today?
Part 3. What does the woman suggest they do?
Part 4. Traffic Reports
Lesson 09

Part 1. The man is pushing a cart.
Part 2. Would you prefer coffee or tea?
Part 3. What will Ron do next?
Part 4. Speech
Lesson 10

Part 1. Some merchandise is on display.
Part 2. Why don’t we go to a movie tonight?
Part 3. Where did the woman learn to cook?
Part 4. Talk
Lesson 11

Part 1. The waiter is serving a customer.
Part 2. This is your new bag, isn’t it?
Part 3. Who is Mr. Shaw talking with?
Part 4. Instructions
Lesson 12

Part 1. There are cars parked along the curb.
Part 2. Isn’t Peter going to the meeting today?
Part 3. What does Mr. White want?
Part 4. Talks
Reading Comprehension

Lesson 01. Nouns & Articles

Lesson 02. Adjectives & Adverbs

Lesson 03. Agreement

Lesson 04. Pronouns

Lesson 05. Comparatives & Superlatives

Lesson 06. Gerunds & Infinitives

Lesson 07. Participles

Lesson 08. The Passive Voice

Lesson 09. Tense & Aspect

Lesson 10. Types of Verbs, Modals, & Conditionals

Lesson 11. Conjunctions

Lesson 12. Relative Clauses

Actual Test

Scripts & Answers

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